# Introduction


SQLDEV (SQL Developer) is a database security governance tool that integrates data access, data desensitization, permission control and operation audit.

# Software Introduction

SQLDEV (hereinafter referred to as "SQLDEV") is a data security management tool for enterprises that provides data access, data desensitization, permission control and operation audit as a whole.

It solves data operation and maintenance security problems and provides meticulous database access control capabilities. In order to make up for the lack of traditional operation and maintenance staff using traditional operation and maintenance fortress machine in the database security access control, to protect data security.

Solve the problem of data access security contradicting efficiency, based on the BS architecture, it can be accessed by browser and can be logged in through account authorization, thus making up for the problem of cumbersome and inefficient login operation of traditional operation and maintenance fortress machines.

The problem of data privacy is solved by fine-grained permission control, which enables dynamic desensitization of permissions for different roles and solves the problem of permissions for data access.

# Product Features

  • Unified management of R & D access portal to enhance security and reduce operation and maintenance costs.

  • Multi-database engines (Oracle, MySql, MSSql, MongoDb, MyCat), compatible with cloud databases.

  • Integrated database client function, no need to install database client software, eliminating the risk of client poisoning.

  • Support database operation and maintenance audit (syntax, performance, specification).

  • Support massive data export, actual performance is better than client products.

  • Support fine-grained permission settings and multiple roles to ensure that data can be accessed hierarchically.

  • Support dynamic desensitization, using self-developed desensitization engine does not tamper with SQL scripts.

  • Developed in Go language, efficient operation, real environment running tens of thousands of hours, reliability can reach 99.99%.

  • Supported by strong technical R&D team, providing lifetime upgrade and supporting custom development.

  • Real-time data source performance monitoring, event alert notification.

# Main Features

  • Execution of SQL (DQL/DML/DDL/TCL)

  • Data import/export

  • Auto-completion, intelligent prompting

  • Auditing, interception, alerting

  • Dynamic desensitization of sensitive data

  • Alarm notification (MAIL, SMS, IM)

  • Fine-grained permission control (field-level/line-level control)

  • Support multi-project and multi-role

  • Support custom workflow trigger scenarios and audit process

  • Support for database engines: Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL, DB2, TDEngine, Hive, Redis, DaMeng, TIDB, ClickHouse, Greenplum, MariaDB, etc.

  • Support deployment environment: own server room, Ali cloud, aws, Tencent cloud

  • Support integrated third-party login (CAS/LDAP/OAUTH2)

# installation environment

Software Environment Centos 6.0 and above, MySQL 3.7.0 and above, Redis 3.2.8 and above

Hardware Environment PC with CPU 2.5 GHz 1 core and above, memory 2G and above, hard disk:20G and above


Telegram: https://t.me/sqldev2

Email: freeman983@gmail.com

# Acknowledgements

SQLDEV's MySQL Audit Deep Integration goInception (opens new window), thanks to the author Chuanchuan Han for providing technical support.

ElementUI (opens new window) The front-end of this project is built with ElementUI.